Killer jailed for life over ‘brutal’ murder of ex found ‘mutilated’ under clothes pile

Ex jailed for murder of mum whose

Russell Marsh carried out a “cruel and prolonged” attack on his estranged wife Jade while their four children slept at their home, and was today sentenced to a minimum term of 25 years in prison

Ex jailed for murder of mum whose 'mutilated' body found under piles of clothes
Jade Marsh, 27, was murdered by Russell Marsh at her home in Shotton, Wales, on August 26 2021

A man who killed his estranged wife as their four children slept just feet away a week after she left him has been jailed for life.

Jade Marsh, also know as Jade Ward, was stabbed and strangled by Russell Marsh in Shotton, Wales, in August last year.

The woman’s blood-stained body was found under a pile of clothes in her bedroom as their children slept throughout the horrific attack.

Marsh, 29, was convicted of murder at Mold Crown Court and sentenced to a minimum term of 25 years on Tuesday.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said it was “a savage and merciless attack”.

Russell Marsh was sentenced for life for killing his ex in his own home


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Marsh had been “consumed with self-pity and jealously” when he went to his ex’s home and carried out a “prolonged and cruel” attack, the judge said.

He said: “She lost her life at your hands in what was a brutal and remarkably cruel attack after ending a relationship. I shudder to think. Her young children were just yards away when you did what you did.

“I watched you throughout this trial and you haven’t shown the slightest bit of remorse. There can only be one sentence for murder and that is of life imprisonment.”

Moments before Ms Ward’s lifeless body was discovered, Marsh was filmed by officers at a police station telling them he had “done something horrible”, the court heard.

He accepted he killed Ms Ward by way of asphyxiation and had no lawful reason for doing so, but denied any intent to kill or cause her serious harm.

During his trial, Marsh claimed he believed she was “trying to drive him to suicide” in order to claim his £1m life insurance pay-out.

Her body was found under a pile of clothes in a bedroom


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Marsh was told he must serve a minimum term of 25 years in prison


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Detective Inspector Myfanwy Kirkwood, the Deputy Senior Investigating Officer, said: “For Jade’s young life to be cut so cruelly short in such tragic circumstances is beyond comprehension.

“Jade was much loved by her family and friends and I recognize that no words or verdict will ever bring back this young woman, but I hope today’s outcome will bring a small sense of peace to Jade’s family.

“They have shown immense strength and courage throughout and I thank them for the way in which they have found the strength to assist my investigation team.”

Following the sentencing this morning, Jade’s family described her and “kind and caring” and “the sunshine in our lives, the glue that held us all together”.

Ms Ward, who was in blood-stained pajamas, was pronounced dead at the scene



In a victim impact statement read to the court, Ms Marsh’s brother Kyle Robinson described her as “kind, beautiful, funny, caring”.

“Jade always saw the good in people but sadly her good heart and ability to forgive led to her death,” he said.

Addressing her murderer, his statement added: “He’s given her sons… the burden of having to carry around this crime for the rest of their lives.”

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