Bradley Walsh ‘falls asleep’ during episode of The Chase


Bradley Walsh found his own show a bit of a snooze-fest as he jokingly fell asleep during last night’s episode of The Chase while a contestant described their job. Colin, from Hove, was the final player to take on the cash builder and head to head.

The team, made up of Jonathon and Leon, from Liverpool, had already secured £12,000. Hoping to add to the prize pot, Colin readied himself for the first round.

But prior to the cash-builder starting, host Bradley Walsh asked about Colin’s personal life and then regretted it. Colin began to explain what he does for a living at his job as a life insurance consultant. He said: “[I] look after people’s life insurance policies, adapt them if they tell us about any hazardous pursuits they have, which is sort of ironic really.”

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However, while Colin was speaking, Bradley pretended to nod off, closing his eyes and resting his head on the podium. After being silent for a few seconds, Bradley rose and said: “Were you talking about life policies Colin?”


Colin protesting a bit saying: “It’s actually more interesting than it sounds,” before conceding, “No. No it isn’t.” Bradley said: “Did you say you’ve had some accidents? What have you done to yourself?”

Colin said: “I’ve been stuck in a lift in the Imperial War Museum, I’ve had a level-crossing barrier fall on my head, I’ve had the ceiling fall in at work, I’ve been attacked by a cow, I’ve broken my wrist coming out of a station toilet and I’ve had two car crashes even though I can’t drive.”

Bradley said: “You are known in the insurance world as a liability Colin.” Fortunately, Bradley’s jesting didn’t put Colin off as he scored £7,000 in the cash builder and won £19,000 with his team in the final Chase.


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